Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Birmingham (UK) poem / game and music on Bullying

Birmingham (UK) 
poem on Bullying.....

1.    You may think you're cool coz you call me names, 
And you may think I'm hurting inside, 

You may even choose to get nasty, 

But do you really think I’m going to hide?

2.   Lots of people look up to you,
They’re scared if they don't you'll turn sour, 
I bet half of them think you're a bully, 

But when you speak to them, they just cower.

3.   You have everybody below you, 
Obeying your every demand, 

But if somebody bigger came along, 

You would bury your head in the sand.

4.   You’re not just a bully, but a coward,
Who’s jealous of people like me,
Am I really as bad as you make me feel,
Or the person who you want to be?

5.   I know I can talk to my teachers,
My parents, family, and friends,
To tell them how you make me feel,
Please let this bullying end.

...AND an interactive game..

click here to download it...

Video of the students' work at school...check it out...

Erasmus + CAPBSE UK Students #2 from João Fernandes on Vimeo.

Erasmus + CAPBSE UK Students from João Fernandes on Vimeo.

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