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Slovakian National TV Markiza broadcast on our meeting in Nové Zámky 26th-30th September 2016: click here and to watch local news coverage please click here - if you click on the archive 30th September news you will find a very nice report!


A local news report (in Hungarian) on our Erasmus+ project and our meeting in Makó published on 18th April 2016 (click the photo to be directed to the newspaper's homepage and the article):

Watch TV coverage of our meeting in Makó:

To read more articles about our meeting in Makó click 12 or 3. This link leads you to a Slovakian newspaper article.

The announcement of our anti-bullying walk in Beja on 10th March 2017:

Source: Diário do Altentejo, Nr. 1767, 4th March 2017, p. 10.

A local news report (in Finnish) on our Erasmus+ project and our meeting in Finland published on 16th December 2016:

Two local news reports (in German) on our Erasmus+ project and our meeting in Finland:

Source: Barth, Wiebke (2015): "Eiskalt gegen Mobbing an Schulen", in: Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 22nd Dec. 2015, Hildesheim, p. 21.

Source: Barth, Wiebke (2015): "Goethegymnasium: Europaweiter Kampf gegen Mobbing", in: Huckup. Das Wochenblatt der Region Hildesheim, 23rd Dec. 2015, Hildesheim, p. 1.

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