During our project phase we plan do create a variety of products. In addition to our project websites, various reports, drawings, photos, posters, collages etc. these creations will be used both as a documentation of the project as well as a means of dissemination and evaluation.

These are the various things to be produced by the partners:

Oct. 2015:
Making PPS, reports , drawings, photos, posters, collages about subtopic of "Low self-esteem"

Here you can see collages and photos prepared by Goethegymnasium Hildesheim on the topics "Low self-esteem" and the perspective of victims of bullying. These creations were produced in Art courses of students aged 12-13.

Dec. 2015: 
creating a calendar of the project at the end of each year (FIN) 

Dec. 2015:
Making PPS, reports , drawings, photos, posters, collages about subtopic of "Difficulty in trusting others"

The second sub-assignment was related to the theme "Difficulity in trusting others". Finnish teachers and students had different approaches towards this topic: For example 3rd graders had classroom conversations and an cartoon project, 6th graders practiced trust with a blind drawing (one student guiding his/her friend who has a blind fold on their eyes) and 5th grade, future Erasmus-travelling students, made an excellent video with correct and incorrect solutions of common school situations. Below you can find some of the finished works.

Dec. 2015 to January 2016:
Making logos for the PT meeting..

Erasmus + Bullying Logos from João Fernandes on Vimeo.

Mar. 2016:
Designing a mini dictionary (PT/UK)

Mar. 2016:
Making PPS, reports , drawings, photos, posters, collages about subtopic of "Lack of assertiveness"

Birches Green prepared a poem on bullying and recorded a video performing it in a very motivating way.

poem on Bullying.....

1.    You may think you're cool coz you call me names, 
And you may think I'm hurting inside, 

You may even choose to get nasty, 

But do you really think I’m going to hide?

2.   Lots of people look up to you, 
They’re scared if they don't you'll turn sour, 
I bet half of them think you're a bully, 

But when you speak to them, they just cower.

3.   You have everybody below you, 
Obeying your every demand, 

But if somebody bigger came along, 

You would bury your head in the sand.

4.   You’re not just a bully, but a coward,
Who’s jealous of people like me,
Am I really as bad as you make me feel,
Or the person who you want to be?

5.   I know I can talk to my teachers,
My parents, family, and friends,
To tell them how you make me feel,
Please let this bullying end.

...AND an interactive game..

click here to download it...

Video of the students' work at school... check it out here...

May 2016:
publishing a booklet with all outcomes (SK)

Sep. 2016:
Making PPS, reports , drawings, photos, posters, collages about subtopic of "Aggression"

Form 6 students of Goethegymnasium Hildesheim dealt with the topic of aggression and bullying at school and prepared photo stories in Mrs. Harmening's RE classes.

Pupils from the 6th grade of Lempoinen primary school worked on the subject 'aggression' during the art lessons. They expressed different emotions through faces made of playdough. One half of the face is aggressive and the other half positive.  

Fourth grade pupils also made art. The topic was to draw a face looking like you're really angry or aggressive. “Does this guy look like he wants to play with you? Would you like to play with him? What can you do if you feel like this?” Many questions were asked when we did these drawings. 

First grade pupils talked about aggression and made signs as a reminder that it's not accepted.

6th grade performing arts course also participated. They focused on how to prevent aggressive behaviour at school.

Dec. 2016
Creating a calendar of the project at the end of 2016 (FIN)


CD of music and dance workshop (HU)

May 2017:
producing a CD of experimental workshops (TR)

May 2017:
creating a photo album, recording and editing a DVD (GER)

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