Thursday, 14 January 2016

Our project in the news

Our third meeting in Hungary has just started. Here you can find a local newspaper article (in Hungarian) on the start of the meeting in Makó:

To read more articles about our meeting in Makó klick here or here.

Read a local news report (in Finnish) on our Erasmus+ project and our meeting in Finland:

Source: Ulla-Riitta Heiskanen (2015): Lempoisten koululla ulkomaisia vieraita, in:, <>.

Here's a free translation of the text by :

The school of Lempoinen is taking part in an Erasmus+ -project during this and the following year. The theme of this project is combating and preventing bullying in schools. In total there are seven countries involved: Finland, England, Germany, Turkey, Slovakia, Hungary, Portugal. Finland received guests in 28.11 - 4.12. International teachers and english kids enjoyed the hotel while other students were placed in host families.

The week was full of different events ranging from welcoming assembly on monday, ice skating, gingerbread cookie baking to grande finale of international evening on thursday, where food and presentations from all over the Europe were presented. 

In Kaupinojan sauna the guests got to try traditional finnish sauna and ice swimming (in an iceless lake though). Verso and välkkäri trainings were offered too. The school was decorated to fit the christmas mood, the hallways had different flags and presentations hanging. 

Erasmus+ -project continues in early march with a trip to Portugal.

And here are two more local news reports (in German) on our Erasmus+ project and our meeting in Finland:

Source: Barth, Wiebke (2015): "Eiskalt gegen Mobbing an Schulen", in: Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, 22nd Dec. 2015, Hildesheim, p. 21.

Source: Barth, Wiebke (2015): "Goethegymnasium: Europaweiter Kampf gegen Mobbing", in: Huckup. Das Wochenblatt der Region Hildesheim, 23rd Dec. 2015, Hildesheim, p. 1.

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